A Delhi Street1 Visiting the hostel for 'street kids'2 Rescued Street kids3 Rescued Street kids4 Picnic in India Gate Park5 Picnic in India Gate Park6 India Gate - a memorial to 82,000 British Indian Army soldiers7 The tour party before travelling on the Shatabdi  Express to Amritsar8 The Golden Temple at Amritsar9 The Golden Temple at Amritsar10 The Golden Temple at Amritsar11 The Golden Temple at Amritsar12 The group at The Golden Temple at Amritsar (heads have to be covered)13 The Golden Temple at Amritsar14 Some of the plates used to feed 100,000 people every day at The Golden Temple at Amritsar15 More plates16 Doing the washing up17 Cooking the meal18 More cooking19 Eating at The Golden Temple at Amritsar20 21 The Pakistan side of the border22 10,000 attend the border ceremony every day on the Indian side23 Part of the ceremony24 The soldiers who perform a marching show25 Opening the border gate, and the lowering and raising of the national flags26 Looking over Dharamshala27 The Dharamshala waterfall28 A Dharamshala street29 Tibetan Temple at Dharamshala30 Prayer wheels31 Shimla32 The oldest church in northern India in Shimla33 Shimla34 The Himalayas from Shimla35 The Tea Room, Shimla36 The Toy Train narrow gauge railway to Kalka37 38 Inside the Toy Train39 The Toy Train40 The Toy Train41 One of the 102 tunnels on the 60 mile line42
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